Volvo Quality Supplier Award 2013

Volvo Quality Supplier Award for Tristone Plant Slovakia


On December 18th, Tristone Plant Slovakia received the Volvo Quality Excellence Award (VQE) at a ceremony in Gothenburg. The VQE Award consists of 12 elements, eleven performance elements and one customer endorsement element. The reward for improving quality and maintaining VQE status is the recognition that the supplier’s facility is the best in the business. Tristone Plant Slovakia delivered to Volvo plants 2013 with 0 ppm failure parts.

VQE means that the supplier’s facility achieves excellence in the following areas:
• Capable systems
• Capable manufacturing process
• Ongoing performance
• Customer Plant Impact
• Customer endorsement


At the same ceremony, Tristone Group received a Diploma  for the Volvo Cars Award of Excellence.

This award is to acknowledge outstanding suppliers who have gone an extra mile to support Volvo.


We want to thank herewith the complete Tristone Group Team for the outstanding efforts and results achieved dealing with Volvo Cars Group.


Tristone Flowtech Group

I. Salazar                               T. Lowak

VP Sales & Marketing             VP Quality



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