Central Laboratory opened November 2010.

The new and modern Central Laboratory facility for rubber development is located in Walbrzych (Poland), adjacent to Tristone's production site.

Innovation, development and costumer focus are key points for the new TRISTONE Laboratory  and as a result its activities are divided in three main areas:


- Compound development

- Material/compound testing

- Functional/product testing


Satisfying costumer's demands, improving our products features and creating innovative developments is TRISTONE'S laboratory focus. Our compounds portfolio is based in different polymer bases eg. EPDM, EAM, ACM, NBR, CR, and Silicone-based among others. In addition, TRISTONE has a solid expertise and experience on the development of EPDM compound with short fiber reinforcement.


In our modern  and well equiped facilities we provide testing (compound and functional tests) according to international standards (DIN, ISO, ASTM...) as well as customer standards (VW, BMW, VOLVO, FIAT, RSA, PSA...).


Every day a team of expert engineers work on these different activities focusing on our customers requirements and offering innovative solutions.