Air intake

Our key Air Intake products include compact air intake cassettes, air filter cartridges, ducts, hoses, guides, flaps and extractors, and they combine full system expertise in airflow, acoustics, filtration and decoupling. In short, smart Air intake designs and full system expertise.

Smart design (front air module, porous ducts)
Focus on engine airflow performance
Partnership on synthetic and cellulosic cartridges

Air intake systems

From simple to complex solutions, Tristone engineering is ready to face all demands and challenges to meet customer expectations. W…

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Air cleaner

With a good understanding of the global function, and in collaboration with leading partners for filter cartridges, Tristone propos…

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Clean air ducts

More than just a simple duct, this is becoming a subsystem with mass airflow measurement, decoupling, blow-by and turbo connections…

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Vacuum hoses

As a manufacturer of both rubber and plastic hoses, Tristone has every opportunity to choose the best material and assembly process…

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